The breakthrough method that rewires your brain for success!

It's the missing link you've been waiting for...

Under the banner of energy psychology this life-transforming, powerful yet simple method will literally blow your mind!
The breakthrough method that rewires your brain for success!

The Grace method will help you to…

  • leave stress, depression and anxiety a memory of the past

  • feel positive, alive and optimistic about your future

  • let go of the past wounds, pains and upsets

  • know who you really are

  • make decisions easily and with clarity

  • reach your goals and fulfil your dreams

  • naturally let go of addictions without the pushing and pulling of willpower

Find the fun inner you again...

let your worries be a thing of the past

When you learn how to let go, the past pains and upsets no longer control your future. You can now be present, this is the gift life offers when you surrender, forgive and allow healing to happen. The Grace Method takes care of it all.
Find the fun inner you again...

The Grace Method

Captures the 3 steps to personal transformation in one


    Step 1 is to transform those parts of you that don't feel good. Without this step the rest becomes a challenge. No point trying to tell yourself something positive when another part of you knows it won't happen. We first need to transform those parts of you that are not agreeable with your success. The Grace Method transforms these parts so you will think and feel amazing... it's the magical missing link!


    Step 2 will help you to create and strengthen new parts of you that feel good. The Grace Method will align your beliefs up with what you really want. Once you believe it and feel it only then will you see it manifest in your life. If you've tried affirmations without much luck, it's only because you missed the first step. The Grace Method takes care of anything that's not in alignment with your dreams, then this step becomes the most natural thing in the world.


    Step 3 is about connecting to your creative juice, your happiness, passion, peace and purpose. You will then be filled with joy and you will be busting to get on with manifesting your dreams. If you don't know your purpose, you just haven't connected to the Real You yet, The Grace Method will help you do that. You will feel lighter, sooo much more positive and so free that those things that were a big issue no longer feel that bothersome. The weight on your shoulders just fell off!

For the first time, this powerful method will be available to learn online

Susanne Grace, her trainers and practitioners have been teaching this method for the past 5 years to thousands of people around Australia in workshops and in one-on-one sessions.

Now it's time to make it possible for anyone to learn this amazing process in the comfort of their own home. The Grace Method Online Course will be available very soon!

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Course curriculum

Don't let others bother you anymore!

Those people and things that irritate you could soon be highly amusing

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The 3 Courses blend together

To get the most value out of The Grace Method be sure to do all 3 courses

  • Meditation Bootcamp

    Finding some peace... This course will serve you well before and after learning The Grace Method, and demonstrates how to connect to your peaceful place.

  • Moving Beyond Stress

    Offering a new perspective.... This course is an essential pre-requisite to The Grace Method course. It will lay the foundation for you and explain the concepts The Grace Method is based upon. Don't skip this!

  • The Grace Method

    OK... Moving Beyond Stress is done? Meditation Bootcamp is there for you to use as often as you can, so now you're ready for your transformation! Just do it!

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