The ultimate self-awakening coaching program

This program is designed for you if you're ready to...

  • replace stress, worry and upset with happiness, joy and freedom

  • let go of everything that holds you back

  • propel yourself into the field of unlimited possibilities

  • increase your vibration and attract abundance

  • increase your health and wellbeing

  • be free of toxic relationships and bring love into your life

You've been conditioned to suffer!

Nobody knew...

Everyone has bombarded you with their beliefs since the day you were born, parents, siblings, friends, work colleagues, society, everyone… and some of those beliefs don’t feel so good!

We’ve all been told in some way that we’re not good enough, we’re not worthy, we don’t belong…. and it’s all rubbish! Now, it's not their fault, they were conditioned too.

It’s time to blast the past out of your head and get up to speed with the truth of how amazing you really are and the unlimited potential that is within you.

Have you tried to do affirmations and wonder why they don’t work? It’s because your brain has been programmed to believe all that old rubbish. So we need a new software program!

The 3 Steps to Personal Transformation

This program will take you deep into these 3 steps so taking control and manifesting your dreams become easy


    To take control you firstly need to transform those parts of you that are not feeling so good. Chances are, they are not in alignment with what you really want and are holding you back.


    Once transformed, you can then create and strengthen new parts of you that are in alignment with what you want and that feels amazing! Affirmations will be tough to do if you haven't taken care of step 1

  • 3. CONNECT

    Once transformed and strengthened, connecting to the Real You becomes easy and meditation will be peaceful. You will experience the joy, passion, intuition and creativity of the wise one that is within you.

It all becomes water off a duck's back!

The more you allow the program to move you, by the end of it, the things that bother you now, won’t worry you in the slightest. Regardless of your finances, your work, your relationships, it is possible to feel great no matter what is going on. When things don’t bother you so much, this feeling of freedom becomes the new addictive state. In turn the Law of Attraction responds with more of that good stuff, it just gets better and better!
It all becomes water off a duck's back!

Are you ready to let go of addictions?

We do what we do in an attempt to feel better. Every addiction will have a reason underneath. This program will show you how to let go of grief, upsets and anger, lift up out of depression, turn anxiety into relief and replace loneliness with love. Letting go of addictions becomes natural and easy when what you have been holding down is now healed.

Rewire your brain

and reinvent yourself

Offering a different perspective about how your mind and emotions work, along with visualisations, activities and journal work, and of course The Grace Method, you will tend to feel your brain being scrambled at times in a very positive way! This work will literally rewire or reprogram your brain, taking out the old obstructive patterns and replacing them with patterns that are in alignment with what you really want.
Rewire your brain

Yes, it’s a big course but very doable

It's designed for the busiest person

This is not a small program, no… because it’s not designed as a quick fix, it’s designed to transform you and your life, step by step and in a way that you can digest it, assimilate the content, process it within yourself and allow the beautiful transformation to unfold. Give it 2 hours/week and let the program guide you, you will move through it in 12 weeks. You don’t ‘learn’ this program, you ‘experience’ it.
Yes, it’s a big course but very doable

Awaken to ego and all the trappings he brings

Ego is all about the attachment to beliefs and our past upsets. Ego always wants more and tries hard to control and protect every single part of us, even the parts of us that don't serve us well. The result is never ending suffering, not happiness. The buddhists call this the wheel of samsara - you will always stay in suffering until you learn to detach from ego. This program will show you how.

You're so much more than who you think you are

You have your own unique gifts, your wisdom, intuitive capabilities, the silence, peace and calm within you. Your true nature is bliss.

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What the TAKE CONTROL program includes

  • 12 online Lessons with Susanne - packed with topics of discussion that help you to see things differently and feel fantastic! The topics discussed will help you to explore all that doesn’t serve you and will help to make stress a thing of the past

  • 3 Private sessions with Susanne as she takes you through The Grace Method. The ultimate session for transformation.

  • A workbook, videos and audios - Susanne discuss each lesson in conversation and really bring the program to life for you. You can either watch or listen

  • Audios and journal activities in each lesson provide thought provoking questions and simple techniques to help you take control

  • Visualisations and meditations will make moving beyond stress even more enjoyable, fast and effective and help you reach the Real You—your place of peace and clarity

  • Support via online chat groups – this invaluable support from Susanne will assist greatly in applying the information and techniques into everyday life

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass

It's learning how to dance in the rain—Vivian Greene

This program is not about learning how to ignore what’s going on around you, instead you will learn to become very present. It’s not about denying how you feel, you won't be afraid of your emotions. It’s not about ‘thinking positive’, that will come naturally. There will always be storms in your life, but you can learn to dance in them and embrace each one with gratitude.
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass


  • How long will it take me to complete the program?

    There are 12 lessons which take approximately 2 hours/lesson. This allows time to read the material, watch the videos, listen to the audio activities and visualisations and do the journal work. It really depends on how deep you wish to go and how dedicated you are to your transformation. It's delivered over 12 weeks.

  • Is it a theory based program?

    The required reading will cover all the theory in Susanne's book 'Wake up and be YOU'. The program will then help you move through the practical work through discussion and within the journal questions, your meditations and allowing yourself to experience the program. Yes, it’s very experiential and highly practical! As an example, if you are suddenly experiencing a big obstacle in your life, we could almost guarantee you’ll be up to the lesson on how to deal with obstacles. That’s the beauty of this program, you actually live it. So its not your normal study program, its an experiential program.

  • Are there different ways I can experience this program?

    Yes! Our latest upgrade now has Susanne and Silvana enjoying a great conversation about each lesson and they touch on the key points of each lesson. This has really helped to bring the program to life and Silvana’s questions will no doubt be voicing many of yours. So depending on your learning style you can now read, watch or listen.

  • What support is there for me?

    In small private online groups you will have Susanne's support directly as she guides you through. You can ask questions, share your experiences. Susanne will answer you directly. Our closed facebook group is also a place you can connect with others on the program, share your experiences and get to know like minded people.

This program will help set you up for what you really want

Whether you’re after a more successful career or business, more loving relationships,
more finances or peace of mind—whatever it is you’re looking for… this program is your ticket to it. This program will get help you to get your beliefs in alignment with what you want, this will feel great, and when that happens you can’t help but to pull these things into your life. Most people don’t address step 1. Transform those parts that don’t feel good. We do, because that’s the missing link.

It's time to find the balance

You don't need to do it tough any longer and you don't need to do it alone

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