In this course you will learn...

  • about the many different parts of you that hold you back from success

  • how to step out of stress, worry, anxiety and depression

  • how to let go of past pains and addictions

  • how to get out of the grip of ego

  • how to create positive parts of you that are in alignment with your dreams

Had enough of ground hog day?

What if things were different for you and nothing bothered you anymore?

If you’re tired of being in the rat race, having no time for yourself because you get so caught up in what everyone else wants you to do, then maybe it’s time to stop and breathe. There is another way to live life even amongst the chaos. You can learn to be the witness to it all and stay steady in a peaceful place. Yes, it is possible! This unique course will give you 26 practical strategies to show you how.
Had enough of ground hog day?

Which parts of you are holding you back?

There are parts of you that don't feel so good and are not helping you to get what you want in life. This course will help you to...

  • bring your attention back to the present moment

  • be aware and awake of what the different parts of you are doing

  • become the neutral witness rather than react to situations

  • step back from others that make you feel bad

  • give attention to what you really want to create

  • be better at meditation and so much more….I

Make the mind your servant not your master

You can let go, discover the REAL YOU and feel amazing

  • The body-mind connection

    When you understand how thought and emotions effects the physical cells and how to change it—addictions, stress, depression and chronic disease could be a thing of the past

  • Practical emotional intelligence

    When you discover the secret behind how emotions really work, you'll never be concerned about them again - you're in control

  • The creation and power of belief

    When you know how to ensure all your beliefs are in alignment with what you want, happiness and peace of mind follow

This course is easy!

Designed with your needs in mind, we've made it easy! Follow the videos, listen, watch and discover a whole new way of looking at your'selves'. We have all been conditioned to believe things about our self that isn't quite true. The result is addictions, self-sabotage, stress, depression, anxiety or just feeling bad and frustrated with life. So it's time to step out of all of that, and discover a new way of seeing how you work on the inside so you can do some very practical and easy things to change the way you feel and get your life heading in the direction you want it to go.

  • Allow 5-6 hours to complete the course. The videos make up 3hrs45min and it depends how long you wish to spend on the journal work to make up the rest of the time. It's a short and easy course that offers life long transformation.

  • 17 short and easy videos - we understand how powerful visual learning is, so using life-sized mannequinns Susanne offers a simplistic approach to complex theories of the human mind and emotions and to help you to see that if you're not feeling good, it's just one part of you, it's not who you really are

  • The course workbook will help to reinforce your learning and the practical journal questions are designed to bring about an immediate start to your transformation

  • A downloadable powerful visualisation on Being Present will help you to feel calm and silent even amongst the chaos and noise

Bonus eBook!

This additional ebook is designed to complement the course for those who wish to take their Self-awareness to the next level.

  • 27 Practical Strategies To Raise Self-Awareness

    You can begin to implement these powerful strategies immediately! They will help you move beyond stress and into the calm part of you that is within you now. These strategies are not designed to get done in one day, these will last a life time as they will become a way of being as you discover who you really are.

Course curriculum


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When is it a good time to feel calm, relaxed and happy?

Feeling down, being worried, stressed or crappy is now a choice... it's time to turn it around...

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