You will learn how to...

  • deal with the mind chatter head on and discover what it really is

  • detach from your thoughts with powerful and easy meditations

  • use powerful self-enquiry to quickly take you out of your busy mind

  • use the noisy environment to help you go deeper into silence

  • quickly discover stillness, space, silence and peace

Discover what meditation can do for you

Science has confirmed what the wise yogis from the past have known for thousands of years....

  • Finding the peace, silence and calm within you is just the beginning

  • The health benefits are too numerous to list

  • Meditation brings clarity, clear thinking and it helps you to tune into your true creative nature

The 7-Day Challenge

Course curriculum

Regardless of your busy mind

Peace and calm reside within you. It's time to enjoy it!

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How would your life be...

if your busy head, your stress and worry could be eased dramatically?

How would it be for you if you had more clarity and you could find peace amongst the chaos? Or what if you could tune in anywhere anytime and feel the peace within you? How would that effect your body, your work and your relationships?
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  • I've never meditated before, is that OK?

    Absolutely! This course is ideal for beginners, its direct and to the point and easy to follow

  • I've been meditating for a long time, is that OK?

    Yes! Even for long-term meditators there will something here for you. Many experienced meditators have found this meditation practice will take them deeper than they have experienced before

  • How much time is needed for the meditations in this course?

    Every day for 7 days you get a new meditation released to you. You do each meditation twice a day if you can, they are only around 10min each. A total of 7 meditations will bring you to a total of 7 days. If you would like to take it slower and have more time for each meditation, then take 3 days for each one, making it a total of 21 days. The choice is yours.

  • Is there lots of theory involved?

    No, not at all. This is a very practical course. Meditation has to be experienced. You get a short video with each meditation to explain the principles behind it. Also, each lesson has 5-10 minutes of reading which sumarizes the lesson and meditation for you. So just kick back and watch the video then put your meditation on. Afterwards you have 3 journal questions to answer and you're done!

  • What journal work is involved?

    Each day you're encourage to answer 3 simple questions that will help you to reflect on how the meditation is working for you, this will elevate your level of awareness and to notice the difference it's making for you

  • Is each meditation different?

    Yes, each of the 7 meditations will lead you in deeper as they build upon each other. So each meditation will teach you a different way to reach the calm and at the end you may have your preferred meditation that worked best for you, or you can use a combination of all of them as the need arises

  • What support do you offer if I'm having trouble?

    We are here to support you! There is a discussion forum within the course and you are encouraged to ask your questions. Susanne will personally answer them via this discussion panel so everyone benefits

  • Once I enrol for the course how long does it take to start?

    You can begin immediately! Once enrolled you get instant access to your first lesson with your first mediation. Log in each day to see your new meditation for that day.


Valued at $79. Pricing in AUD. No excuses now! It's time to find the calm...

The power of meditation is well known

Even the Harvard Business School tell us if we want to be successful we had better learn to meditate! It's your time now

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